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IMAGINAUTS 2015 – where pop culture and faith collide

2015 Base Camp Theme – the Imaginauts have gone through a lot of personal growth since the ending of Cornerstone festival. Our official presence at Audiofeed will be under a new name: Imaginauts. This name honors our history while recognizing that we are establishing something new. We are no longer officially connected to JPUSA, and they aren’t responsible for our shenanigans going forward. Having said that, we will always be deeply grateful to JPUSA for giving birth to this little community through the Cornerstone Festival. When the fest ended, so did the Imaginarium proper – but we were launched out into the ether still loving each other and loving the vision that the Imaginarium gave to us. And so we continue as…Imaginauts!

Program Schedule for Base Camp:

Monday – Tuesday: Star Trek the original series BINGE FEST!! @ our Satellite Camp! A little perk we have for all of the volunteers that are there early to help set up for the festival!! Stop by for an up to date listing and time frames!!

Wednesday – In Memorium: Leonard Nimoy
6PM The Wrath of Khan
8PM The Search For Spock
10PM The Voyage Home

Thursday – Tabletop Board Games & Dusk til Dawn Bad Movie Night!
10AM Break out your sketchpads, Play-Doh, and omnihedral dice! Our first seminar of the week will be Thursday morning’s…Building Stories Together: An Introduction to Collaborative Roleplaying Gamespresented by our very own Kyle Schlenz!

1PM Special Guest Ron Danuser will run Adventure Maximus: a card-driven tabletop roleplaying game designed especially for kids and beginners. Adventurers of all ages are invited to come and play!

Dusk til Dawn Bad Movie Night
8pm: The Princess Bride
10pm: Bubba Ho-Tep
12pm: Battlefield Earth
2am: Night of the Living Dead

Friday & Saturday Speakers

Friday-Saturday 9:00 a.m.
Bring your breakfast to the Imaginauts tent for some free flowing conversation. Want to talk about the movies you’ve been watching, books you’ve read, and yesterday’s seminars? This is the time and place.


Proposed Time: Friday – Saturday 1:00 p.m.


Speaker: Sharon Autenrieth

Synopsis: From the rise of camp in the 60s to the intentionally cheesy Syfy movies of recent years; from MST3K to hate-watching parties; our culture has definitely come to appreciate the aesthetic of awfulness. What is that about? And is there any downside? Can our love for so-bad-it’s-good art alter our appreciation for the good, the true and the beautiful? In these sessions we’ll share our enjoyment for the best of the worst while asking questions about what that enjoyment means.

Bio: Sharon Autenrieth is a pastor, blogger, film writer for, and dangerously disorganized mother of five. She’s previously spoken on Joss Whedon’s moral philosophy and YA dystopian literature.

Friday – Saturday 2:00 p.m.


Speaker: Jim Tudor

Watching movies is always better with a group. Even in this age of rapidly improving home theater, streaming on demand, and all-hours binge-viewing, the shared experience of cinema can’t be topped. In this seminar, Jim Tudor of shares the fine art of hosting your own film discussion group. Find out how to draw a crowd and keep them coming back by mining interest and insight from even the most unlikely of cinematic subjects. (Hint #1: Offer popcorn!)

Bio: Jim Tudor is a longtime video producer, editor and art director for film. He is also a featured critic at, and founder of, an organization devoted to fostering community relations via cinema. Jim has helmed umpteen film classes and movie nights at his home church in St. Louis, MO.

Friday – Saturday 3:00 p.m.


Speaker: Melody Green

Over its more than 50 year run, the BBC program Doctor Who has not only entertained audiences, it has also asked important and lasting questions about life, the universe, and our place within it. In these sessions we will not only geek out over the Doctor and his companions, but we will also explore the relationship between Christianity and this story about a doctor who travels through time and space to save worlds at great sacrifice to himself. So, Allonz-y!

Bio: Dr. Melody Green is the Dean of Urbana Theological Seminary. She teaches classes on Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and other places where faith and culture meet. This fall she will be teaching a class on Christianity and Doctor Who. Her most recent publication is “Story: The Doctor’s Daughter” in an essay collection titled Bigger on the Inside: Christianity and Doctor Who, published by Square Halo Press.

Friday Movie ScheduleMisfits and Monsters Unite – A journey of self discovery

6pm Hott Fuzz Rated R lang
8pm Blade Runner Rated R lang/mild viol/partial nudity (*see below for alternate viewing options)

10pm The Intouchables
12pm Pan’s Labyrinth Rated R lang/viol

Saturday Movie ScheduleIdentity – Who am I & Where do I fit in?
8pm: The Fall rated R mild/surreal violence/ brief drug use
10pm: Birdman rated R lang/part nudity (we do not have an alternate viewing for this showing due to the fact that we will be holding Super Smash Brothers tourney @ our Satellite Camp …)

12PM Super Smash Bros Final Battle!!!
Throughout the week, we’ll be holding a Super Smash Bros. tournament bracket, culminating Saturday at midnight with a winner-take-all battle royale projected on the big screen!
** Satellite Camp is located at Tina Horths RV site

*****We also have several movies available for alternate viewing at our Satellite Camp, including Big Hero 6, The Book of Life and an independent film starring our very own Caroline Horth and filmed in Indiana: “Titans of P.S. 271″****